When I retired, Meds 2020 launched a Humanities in Medicine symposium; the cheeky students put my name on it. Cheeky — because I had nothing to do with it. It featured presentations from history, music, poetry, and art, and it was an amazing success.

Even more cheekily they labelled it “Inaugural.” To my amazement a second iteration has just happened, organized by students in Meds 2021 with help from Meds 2022, led by Palika Kohli. I have never taught these people, scarcely know them. I am impressed that they would find time to take on the extra work of organizing a symposium and retain the name of someone unknown.

Dr Karen Yeates (Queen’s MD, 1997) and Palika Kohli Meds 2021 at the registration desk.

The keynote speaker was Ophira Calef who used music, humour, and narrative to describe health-care-system encounters for the disabled. All the presenters delivered their offerings with heart in a packed program. The audience was engaged and the atmosphere inspiring!

They say that it will happen again next year. We’ll see. Institutional memory is short and students are very busy. But in the meantime, lots remarkable encounters to remember. Thank you!

Audience and presentations in Panel 4 “On Being”

Hippochromatic Notes sing an a cappella
wrap up in the Walker Atrium