PhD supervisions

2017 Lorne Beswisk (PhD) History

2015 Casey Hurrell (PhD) History cosupervision with Tim Smith

2004 Jayne Elliott (PhD) History

2001 Helen Harrison (PhD) History cosupervision with Karen Dubinsky

1998 Dan Malleck (PhD) History cosupervision with Bryan Palmer


MA or MSc or MEd supervisions

2014- James McNutt (M.Ed.) Education (Faculty prize for best thesis)

2012 Scott Belyea (MSc) Anatomy

2007 Madeline Fowler (MA) History

2007 Patrick Welsh (MA)  History

2006 Ashley Vanstone (MA) Psychology with Lola Cuddy

2004 Karen Dyck (MA)  History (2003-2004)

2001 Heidi Coombs (MA) History 1999- 2001)

1998 Elaine Berman (MA) History award for best MA thesis that year

1998 Jennifer Marotta (MA) History

1998 Megan Nichols (MA) History

1996 Thomas W Dukes (DVM, MSc, MA) History

1996 Michael Eamon (MA) History


On supervisory committees of the following

2013 Sarah Isabel Wallace (PhD) History cosupervision with Jeff Brison

2011 Casey Hurrell MA History cognate examiner

2011 Lorne Beswick, MA History cognate examiner

2011 Jennie Aitken, MA History cognate examiner

2010 Michael Eamon, MA and PhD History

2010 Christopher Canning PhD Sociology

2010 Howard Coombs PhD History

2009 Martin French PhD Sociology

2006 Jennifer Marotta PhD History

2006 Ashley Vanstone MA Psychology

2005 Shannon Smith PhD English

2001 Shelley Reuter, PhD Sociology

1992 Olga Kits, MA Sociology