1st edition, 1999

2nd ed. 2010

Suggestions for Further Reading

When the second edition was expanded, the publisher wished to save pages and expense by excluding the bibliographies on which the work had been based. In compensation, this webpage provides links to suggested readings by each chapter.


1 Introduction: Heroes and Villains in the History of Medicine
2 The Fabricated Body: History of Anatomy
3 Interrogating Life: History of Physiology
4 Science of Suffering: History of Pathology
5 First Do No Harm: History of Treatment, Pharmacology, and Pharmaceuticals
6 On Becoming and Being a Doctor: Education, Licensing, Payment, and Bioethics
7 Plagues and Peoples: Epidemic Diseases in History
8 Why Is Blood Special? Changing Concepts of a Vital Humour
9 Technology and Disease: Stethoscopes, Hospitals, and Other Gadgets
10 Work of the Hand: History of Surgery
11 Women’s Medicine and Medicine’s Women: History of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women
12 Wrestling with Demons: History of Psychiatry
13 No Baby, No Nation: History of Pediatrics
14 A Many-Faceted Gem: Decline and Rebirth of Family Medicine
15 When the Patient is Plural: Public and International Health
16 Sleuthing and Science: How to Research a Question in Medical History  with sections on the history and historiography of medicine in Britain, Canada, and USA.

Appendix        Resources and Research Tools for the History of Medicine in 5 parts:

1  Important Libraries
2 Bibliographic Guides to the History of Medicine
3 Specific Periods in Western Medicine
4 Non-Western and Alternative Medicines and Their Interfaces 147
5 Some Associations, Institutes, and Museums