First Do No Harm: History of Treatment, Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals

D’abord, ne pas nuire: antécédents de traitements, pharmacologie et produits pharmaceutiques


Topics on this page / Sujets ici

General / ouvrages généraux

Antiquity to Enlightenment / Antiquité aux Lumières

Herbals and Folk Medicine /Médecine botanique et populaire

Pharma Industry/ Industrie pharmaceutique

Experiments, Clinical Trials and Evidence-Based Medicine /Expériences, essais cliniques, et Evidence-Based Médecine

Specific Drugs / Quelques médicaments

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United States / Etats Unis



General Works / Ouvrages généraux

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Antiquity to Enlightenment / Antiquité aux Lumières

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Pharmaceutical Industry / Industrie pharmaceutique

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Experiments, Clinical Trials and Evidence-Based Medicine / Expériences, essais cliniques et evidence-based médecine

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Specific Drug Histories / Quelques médicaments

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Britain / Iles Britanniques

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Websites on UK.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) offers a number of fact sheets and annual reports.

The government agency, Prescription Medicine Code of Practice Authority, makes its annual reports available since 1998.

Wellcome Witness seminars -- first person accounts of many achievements in clinical pharmacology and on specific drugs and diseases




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Websites / Sites Web re Canada

Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies provide some facts from the industry perspective.

The Patent Medicine Review Board offers annual reports from containing information about pharmaceuticals and finances from a government perspective.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers offers a number of documents relevant to academic freedom case of Nancy Olivieri.

Health Canada. Drug Products Database,

Drug shortages, government site

Drug shortages, my site



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Websites /Sites Web re USA

The American Institute for the History of Pharmacy, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has a wealth of relevant information in its collections and at it its website

The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America offers industry hype and little else.

Science History Institute in Philadelphia

            and its publication Distillations.