The intrepid members of this team have never met in person. They share a passion for exploring the past, unravelling mysteries, and flexing their Latin skills in this crowd-sourcing project. Why don’t you consider joining them?

Brian N. Becker, PhD (Western Michigan U)
An associate professor of medieval history at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. Brian’s research interests are cross-cultural and cross-confessional interaction in the medieval Mediterranean in general, but especially focusing on Italian communes and their colonies. He also has subfields in Byzantine history and Latin language and paleography.
Ruth Breindel with Ben Revkin (L) & Dan Carpenter 
They constitue the Rhode Island Classical Association. Ben teaches Latin at East Greenwich HS in East Greenwich, RI. Ruth is retired from high-school teaching at Moses Brown School. With a PhD (SUNY Buffalo), Dan is in charge of the Classics program at University of Rhode Island.  Together they translated Consilia 30 and 32.
Ruth Breindel and her student Isabella Colucci. Together they translated Consilium 7.
Alice Browne, PhD (U of London)
A librarian with the New-York Historical Society, Alice lives in Brooklyn. Her first degree was in classics and her special interests are in history of ideas and women’s history (an AHA profile on Alice is here).
Patricia Coyne, PhD (McMaster)
Professor emerita and former head of the Classics Department at Bishop’s University in Lennxoville, Quebec). She now lives in Cobourg Ontario.
Amanda Lepp, MD (Queen’s U), PhD (U Toronto), is an Ontario family doctor and mother of three whose 2011 doctoral thesis was in medieval medical history.
Daryn Lehoux, PhD (U Toronto), is a professor in the Queen’s University Departments of Classics and Philosophy. His special interests are in History and Philosophy of Science and he is the author of What did the Romans Know? (2012), Creatures born of Mud and Slime (2017), and Astronomy, Weather, and Calendars in the Ancient World (2007).
Diane McCorkle teaches Latin at Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. In 2018 she received the University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award, nominated by a student. Read about how she uses Zacchia translation with her students in the 5 Fall 2018 issue of the school magazine, Signature (pages 18-20)

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